The Role of Cables and Wire Rope Systems in Green Facades

Cables and wire rope net systems play an important role in green facades.

A green facade consists of climbing or cascading plants along a wall face. In a multi-storey building, the plants generally need to be supported by a trellis or cable system – with high-tensile stainless-steel wire being the most robust and maintenance free material befitting this purpose.

For example, wire rope configured into cables or cross-hatch structures may be used to support fast-growing climbers, while wire-net or mesh might be used for slower-growing or spreading-type plants.

Various components such as clamps, spacers, end-stops, eye-ends and others are used to anchor the wire structure in place. These typically have a breakage strength of around 90%.

Cable wire

Stainless steel wire rope or cabling is made from 316-grade steel and is defined by two numbers – such as 7×19, 7×7 and so on. The first number refers to the number of strands while the second indicates the number of wires in each strand.

This means 7×7 wire rope is made up of 49 strands of wire – making it extremely strong while being flexible and adaptable at the same time. 7×7 wire is the most common wire rope we use in facades.

The wire rope can be configured as columns or as cross-hatch / trellis structures for use in green or decorative facades.

Wire net or mesh

The same wire rope systems are used to form wire-net or mesh.

Our webnet mesh material is remarkably versatile. It comes in a variety of configurations including 1×19, 7×7 and 7×19, with a range of aperture opening sizes from 20mm to 400mm.

Webnet mesh is often used to provide fall protection for structures such as carparks, bridges, buildings and playgrounds. In some cases, the mesh structure can be enhanced by the addition of foliage (creating a green facade) or an artistic element such as decorative plates or discs.

Would you like more information on our stainless-steel wire and rope net systems for green and decorative facades? Get in touch for a discussion on how we can help.

The Role of Cables and Wire Rope Systems in Green Facades / Tensile Design & Construct

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