Parking Lot Barrier Ideas Utilising Stainless Steel Mesh

In a multi-level carpark, fall protection must be addressed through robust barriers or guardrails that meet required safety codes.

Here are some parking lot barrier ideas that incorporate Jakob stainless steel Webnet mesh materials.

Parking lot barrier ideas

Webnet can transform utilitarian car parks into eye-catching structures that feature artwork or green facades, without compromising on safety.

These projects demonstrate how:

Liverpool Hospital, Sydney

The Webnet facade on this seven-level carpark combines safety and aesthetics. The carpark mesh provides fall protection while simultaneously supporting a mosaic-style Aboriginal artwork designed to reflect local cultural history.

The approach used by NSW Health has transformed a mundane functional structure into something uplifting and eye-catching!

Randwick Racecourse, Sydney

This multi-level Webnet carpark barrier supports over 5,000 yellow metal discs designed to add an artistic touch to the facade. And what’s extra amazing is that the whole screen took only three weeks to install!

Parking Lot Barrier Ideas Utilising Stainless Steel Mesh / Tensile Design & Construct

Sydney Super Yacht Centre

The goal here was to create a carpark barrier that would beautify an otherwise rather uninspiring structure.

The Webnet acts as a support structure for dozens of planter boxes that contain climbing plants, in turn creating a beautiful green facade that doubles as a safety barrier.

AdvanX East apartments Sydney

The barrier for this parking lot is both a green and an artistic facade. It supports climbing plants as well as colourful discs arranged in an indigenous-inspired artwork pattern.

And to top it off, our tensile solution saved the client around 60 tonnes of the steel that was going to be needed for the original design – resulting in a substantial cost reduction!

Benefits of using Webnet for parking lot barriers

Parking Lot Barrier Ideas Utilising Stainless Steel Mesh / Tensile Design & Construct

As well as offering safety and aesthetics, Webnet has a range of other benefits for barrier construction.

Excellent longevity

Webnet mesh is made from marine-grade stainless steel and has a lifespan of 25 years or more when used for barriers. This contrasts with for example, Chainlink – a rigid galvanised steel mesh with a relatively short lifespan (as little as one year).

Robustness and flexibility

The material is extremely strong and robust. It’s made from woven wire rope, resulting in a flexible mesh that can be tensioned according to requirements. It can adequately meet the fall barrier safety codes to AS1170.

Low ongoing maintenance needs

Being made from 316-grade stainless steel, the mesh is not subject to corrosion and so has extremely low requirements for maintenance and cleaning. In many cases, a once-a-year inspection is all that is required.

Allows for full-length barriers

Webnet is a pliable and malleable material. It can be used to “wrap” a carpark structure, which provides an alternative to building separate guardrails for each level. This approach creates an entire barrier screen for all levels that is fully non-climbable.

A light airy profile

Webnet is highly transparent and close to invisible, with an open area of around 90%. This allows for a discreet barrier with minimal visual impact that lets in plenty of natural light and fresh air.

Quicker installation time

Barriers made from Webnet can be remarkably quick to install, often taking only a few weeks from start to finish.

Cost reductions 

These features of Webnet combine to reduce costs. This includes savings on installation labour, maintenance, air-exchange systems and barrier replacement.

Using Webnet can also allow for a barrier to be retrofitted. This can help avoid the need for expensive structural changes to a carpark – as was the case for this carpark in Melbourne.

Feel free to get in touch to find out more about Webnet safety barriers for multi-level carparks.

Parking Lot Barrier Ideas Utilising Stainless Steel Mesh / Tensile Design & Construct

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