Let’s Celebrate 10 Years With 10 Projects at Tensile

This month we celebrate 10 Yrs. at Tensile Design & Construct. We feel very blessed, especially considering the challenges that 2020 have bought us all. Looking back on the last 10 years has made us feel so lucky to have worked on some incredible projects. Each project has pushed us to deliver innovative and clever designs using the world’s best materials. Here’s a throwback to 10 of our favourites:

#1 Foley Rest Park, Sydney

Tensile was engaged to provide a new arbor structure, to increase the area of vegetation beyond the ground. The steel structure fabricated and installed by Tensile supports over 400m of stainless steel cable trellis, providing new seating and a focal point for new activity within the open space.

#2 One Central Park, Green Facade, Sydney

These green facades were the first of their kind in the world. A total of 15,000m of stainless steel cables and rod span 34 floors across 3 facades of the two buildings, supporting over 2500 climbers and vines. Tensile was engaged to undertake the design and construction of the cable system with a commitment to innovation, completing the project over 3 years.

#3 Melbourne School of Design

Over 1200m squared of stainless steel mesh stretches the entire height and span of the five storey atrium of the University of Melbourne’s School of Design showcasing the aesthetic and functional possibilities of this dynamic product.

#4 Albert ‘Tibby’ Cotter Pedestrian Bridge, Sydney

The structurally stunning Albert ‘Tibby’ Cotter Pedestrian Bridge is a shared pedestrian and cycle pathway in Moore Park. Tensile was responsible for the design and construction of the mesh throw screens on the side of the bridge that offer a fall protection system that is strong, practical and beautiful.

#5 Wulaba Park Playground, Sydney

Tensile had the privilege of being involved in an innovative project at Wulaba Park. Working closely with Fleetwood Urban and designer Sturt Noble, Tensile was responsible for detailing, supplying and installing the Webnet mesh screen on the play area. This Webnet mesh was chosen because of its malleable nature and ability to wrap around the tower.

#6 Henley Sq., Catenary Lighting, Adelaide

Henley Square at Henley Beach, Adelaide, is a public space where people can relax and enjoy the incredible ocean views. Tensile undertook the design, development and engineering of a Catenary Light System as part of the consultant team, and supplied the cables and fittings for the project.

#7 Elizabeth Quay Footbridge, Perth

The architecture of this iconic bridge called for a transparent balustrade, but it also needed to have enough solidity to withstand wind impacts. Tensile Design & Construct developed a customised version of webnet mesh with a 50mm aperture and 2mm wire that was clear of obstruction, enhancing its capacity to conform to the support structure like a piece of fabric.

#8 Eve Apartments, Sydney

The green facades rise out of the courtyard climbing the 4 and 5 storey apartment buildings. The cable systems supplied and installed by Tensile provide a visual barrier between apartments. They use the Jakob Green Solutions range of fittings on 4mm stainless steel cables.

#9 Stonnington City Council Office, Melbourne

The City of Stonnington added a three-level internal green wall and facade. Tensile provided the supply and install of the vertical cabling system for this project. The cabling doubles as both a balustrade and a supporting structure for climbers and planter units supplied by Fytogreen.

#10 The Women’s College Copper Panel Facade, Sydney

Tensile’s brief was to give this facade a seemingly frameless and floating appearance. We managed this by ensuring the 6mm stainless steel cables are as invisible as possible, in turn facilitating the transparency and clarity of the perforated panel image.

So there you have it! 10 incredible projects in 10 years. There is a lot more than just 10! You can view our other projects here.

None of these would have happened if it wasn’t for our incredible clients, suppliers, partners and an incredible team of highly skilled and passionate individuals. So a big thank you from us and we look forward to the next 10!

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