Introducing WebnetID: the fully customisable safety solution

Webnet mesh is a versatile stainless steel tensile mesh that provides safety and fall prevention where it’s needed. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are commonly used on bridges, walkways and animal enclosures to provide an exceptionally strong barrier.

Webnet mesh can be configured to any application, it maximises views and creates a timeless and appealing design. It is easy to assemble, highly durable and requires little to no maintenance.

So, if Webnet mesh is the perfect solution for your safety needs, how can we possibly improve on this product?

Introducing WebnetID

WebnetID gives you everything Webnet has to offer, with the added benefit of being fully customisable. You choose your mesh colour, shape and pattern from our wide selection, whilst maintaining all the safety features of the tensile mesh.

What’s so great about being able to customise your tensile mesh? You can customise your mesh with your corporate logo, colours and branding to take your marketing strategies further. You can choose the graphics you’d like to have over a building façade, which has an added environmental friendly benefit of shading the building and reducing solar radiation. You can customise an internal feature screen or even a ceiling. The options are almost endless.

Want to know more about WebnetID?

To find out more about how the fully customisable WebnetID can provide the safety you need, please give our friendly staff a call on 02 9999 3668 or via the contact form.



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