Design Inspiration for Green Walls and Facades

Green walls and facades are growing in popularity as ways to green urban environments where ground space for gardens and trees is limited.

The design of a green wall or facade will depend on what the particular client’s main goals are. For example, while one client may want a green wall to grow food or ornamental plants, another might be after a low-maintenance installation or one that masks an unsightly view.

Green walls don’t have to be external either. Internal green walls are being used to improve air quality and the health of building occupants.

Here are some green wall ideas to consider.


A green wall or facade can increase the level of biodiversity in cities where it is often lacking. This includes incorporating plants that produce flowers, nectar or fruit to attract birds, butterflies or desirable insects to the green installation.

Food production

This is something usually associated with green roofs. However, edible plants can also be grown on green walls and facades. Green facades are ideal for climbing food plants such as passionfruit and runner beans.

Shading and tackling global warming

With climate scientists predicting hotter temperatures in the near future it’s important to find ways of mitigating heat.

Green infrastructure can be used to shade hard surfaces and reduce solar heat build-up. For example, leafy green plants on north and west-facing walls can cool and shade a building and reduce the surrounding air temperature by several degrees. If a gap is left between a green facade and the wall, a beneficial cooling breeze can be created.

Health benefits

Cooler, cleaner and less-polluted air and a beautiful environment can have a refreshing effect that improves our mental and physical health and our perceived quality of life.

Improving internal air quality

Internal green walls can act as air purifiers by absorbing pollutants such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds). They can also cool the air inside a building, reducing the cost of air conditioning.

Do you have ideas in your mind for a green facade? If so, get in touch with us for a discussion!

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