Catenary Lighting – Energy Efficient lighting solutions to illuminate your space


The beauty and efficiency of catenary lighting in a public space is that by its very nature it allows for less light intensity to illuminate the area while greatly enhancing light spill, lowering light pollution and energy consumption.

Nonetheless, despite its virtues, catenary lighting systems in our experience at Tensile are often absent   in public spaces. Yet they have the ability to provide clear usable free space day or night, while ensuring the amenity is maintained. In so doing, catenary lighting can create an interactive space and a sense of community when properly integrated.

A key goal for any architectural design is the activation of a public space. If the space is being used during the day or night this helps to create community, provide a safe environment and offer a useful public amenity.

Often at night this activation can be difficult to achieve, as there is a balancing act between the lighting requirements versus the available space for location or light poles. The scenario can end up where you typically end up having to locate poles which compromise the usable space or install higher output lights to generate enough spill at an increased cost.

Catenary lighting offers a solution by suspending the luminaries from tensile cables that can be connected to poles located in discrete locations or on neighbouring buildings/ structures thereby doing away with poles altogether. This allows light to be directed efficiently and accurately to where it is needed most.

An overhead catenary net informally defines a public space by creating a transparent roof filigree of small diameter cables. Installing these “ceiling” cables provides uncompromised flexibility allowing the ceiling integration of artwork and sculptures which may become key features of the space.

Purposeful light and shadow allows designers to interpret spaces with mood and spatial movement, creating interest and inviting people into previously under-utilised areas.

Catenary light systems are versatile, adaptable and promote the use of public spaces 24/7. Its other virtue is that it is perceived as not only providing the light needed for the environs but it can also become a part of the space’s personality and mood.

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