Building and Construction Accessories for Safety Barriers

Modern building and construction accessories for safety barriers don’t have to be merely functional. They can be used to enhance the structure, adding to its aesthetic style, while fulfilling an important practical purpose.

The growth in demand for lightweight safety barriers is one example. Designers want barriers that will meet safety codes, while being quick to install and complementing the look of their structure rather than detracting from it.

This is part of the move towards lighter and more sustainable construction in general. Lighter materials that are simultaneously robust and weather-resistant can contribute to structures that have a lower carbon footprint and greater sustainability. These materials also require less energy for transport and handling, and they can speed up the construction process – all making for a more efficient and lower-cost build.

Building and construction accessories for bridge barriers

Pedestrian and cycle bridges are required across Australia over roads, railways, and watercourses. Footbridges improve connectivity and safety, and help reduce conflicts between road users. Many footbridges are now designed to be beautiful as well as functional.

Naturally, these bridges require robust and compliant barriers for fall protection. Some footbridges in built-up areas also need anti-throw screens to protect the drivers and pedestrians underneath.

Building and construction accessories such as stainless steel Webnet mesh and wire-rope cables are ideal for bridge barriers. These materials are extremely robust, light in weight and appearance, highly malleable and customisable, and very low maintenance. They are made from around 70% recycled content in facilities that operate on 90-100% renewable energy, and are recyclable after use.

Jakob Webnet can be configured specifically for footbridges in terms of crowd loads (C3 to C5), wire dimensions, and aperture-opening sizes from 25mm to 100mm depending on requirements. For example, Webnet of 40mm aperture or lower prevents footholds and climbing, while 25mm aperture is often required for bridges over railways.

All the specifications for our Webnet and cable barrier materials are available on Archify.

Building and Construction Accessories for Safety Barriers / Tensile Design & Construct

Bridge projects using Tensile accessories

The steel Christopher Cassaniti Bridge at Ryde in Sydney is an example of a project that required a barrier to provide safety, without impacting aesthetics. We installed an anti-throw screen along the section of bridge that crosses over the busy M2 motorway. We used 40mm Webnet, pre-formed into dozens of pieces to reduce construction time and disruptions to road users.

This footbridge has a unique helical-shaped form and bright blue colour that is hard to miss! However, the Webnet screen itself is hardly noticeable – a very important feature for a bridge designed to give users an experience of ‘walking through a sculpture’.

We also used 40mm aperture Webnet for the balustrade along the Bridge of Remembrance in Hobart – a sleek award-winning bridge that crosses over the Tasman Highway and links two significant memorial structures.

We were able to save time and maximise efficiency on this project by sizing the mesh into full-sheet panels beforehand. The completed barrier has minimal impact on the bridge in terms of appearance, and is expected to last for decades with little maintenance.

With rail bridges often having specific requirements for barriers, we used two sizes of Webnet for the CBD and South-East Light Rail pedestrian bridge. 40mm aperture Webnet was used for the section crossing over the road and 25mm for the railway crossovers. This demonstrates the adaptability of Webnet for different needs.

Get in touch to learn more about building accessories for lightweight robust barriers, or to discuss your project idea.

Building and Construction Accessories for Safety Barriers / Tensile Design & Construct

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