Amazing Playgrounds That Use Wire Mesh

When Tensile was asked to be involved in the construction of the Wulaba Park Playground, we were excited about the design possibilities that could be had with the project. This is a one-of-a-kind playground in the heart of a new development area that incorporates wire mesh in a few different ways to achieve different outcomes.

Wire mesh in playgrounds is extremely versatile. The flexible, fabric-like nature of the mesh allows it to be wrapped and draped wherever needed, and is ideal from a design, safety and cost effectiveness point of view.


Playground Design

Modern playgrounds that incorporate mesh wire tend to follow an industrial design style. They are almost like miniature cities that are waiting to be explored. The mesh can be worked into any shape and form, and can be modified to suit climbing towers, nets, tunnels and swings.

No matter what design style you want to follow, the flexibility of the wire mesh allows you to use it for almost any application.


Playground Safety

Safety is a key component in a playground, and the materials used and construction parameters need to pass strict guidelines. Wire mesh provides excellent safety features. It is incredibly strong, can withstand huge loads, and does not have any sharp edges. When the proper clamps are used to hold the mesh in place, the mesh will not budge.

Another feature of the mesh is that it is incredible long lasting and needs no maintenance. It will never rust, weaken or fray, so the safety aspects are sure to always remain for the life of the wire.


Playground Cost

Using wire mesh in playgrounds is an economical way to provide safety elements that also meet design requirements. With no preparation needed and no maintenance, it outlasts timber (which needs to be regularly painted and replaced) by decades. It can be installed quickly, therefore shortening overall construction time needed and the associated costs.

Using wire mesh in playgrounds ticks all the boxes for design, safety, cost efficiency, maintenance and longevity. If you’d like to know more about the use of wire mesh in any project, please contact us on 02 9999 3668.



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