NSW Rugby Union Centre of Excellence


The Tensile team designed, supplied, and installed Webnet safety barriers across staircases at the NSW Rugby Union Centre of Excellence.

The space is open, airy, contemporary and light-filled, so it was crucial for the barriers to have minimal visual impact, while still meeting all safety codes.

A design to encourage community

The two-storey centre is located at the David Phillips Sports Complex at the University of NSW in Daceyville. Designed by Cox Architects, it was built by Kane Construction using local recycled bricks, lightweight cladding and roofing, and a considerable level of glazing.

The building houses a gym, medical and rehab facilities, recovery spaces, administration spaces and more, resulting in a truly multi-purpose facility. As well as delivering mentorship and training programs, the building has the capacity to host meetings and events.

The complex has been designed to bring all elements of the game together, blurring the lines between private and public, inside and outside, staff member and player, and professional and amateur – in effect creating a greater sense of collaboration, community and equality.

As such, the design is very open, allowing for sightlines across the space and vast views to the field outside. The near-transparent barriers help facilitate this, allowing the building to shine and to fulfil its purpose.

Our brief for the mesh barriers

We created the barriers from 40mm x 1.5mm Webnet mesh and 6mm perimeter supporting cables. The scope of work included simple detailing and integration of the mesh with the steel balustrades. We worked closely with the architect, builder and fabricators throughout the process to ensure the detailing on the barriers did not overpower the building in any way.

Webnet is an ideal material where an unobtrusive, elegant and robust barrier such as this one is required. It comprises an open area of around 90%, making it highly transparent. This feature allows for greater air flow, natural light and views. Made from marine-grade stainless steel, the material comes with minimal ongoing maintenance requirements, which helps keep the costs down.

Another benefit of Webnet for barriers is the way it fits so well with a building that is designed to encourage engagement and visual connections across different spaces and levels. This outcome would be less possible with a barrier made from a denser material – such as timber, concrete or panelling.

The CEO of Rugby Union describes the complex as a “game changer” for both male and female players in NSW. In light of that, we are more than pleased to have played a part in its development!

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