Innovative solutions with Green Wall Systems


A Tensile Case Study

Innovative solutions with Green Wall Systems – ADVANXeast Apartment Development

Here is a project Tensile Design and Construct were involved in which we thought you might find interesting!  The project was for ADVANXeast Apartment building which features a green facade eight metres high by 90 metres long covering three levels of the podium car park for a new apartment building in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney. This project shows off both great aesthetics within a green wall systems as well as innovative solutions and architectural finesse.


Download a copy of the ADVANXeast Apartment Development Case Study from Tensile

Read more about:

  1. > Why the project was put in the “too hard basket”
  2. > The cost effective solution that saved time, more than 60 tonne of steel and money!
  3. > How the green façade completely “re-skinned” the building
  4. > The functional benefits of the green wall
  5. > Why the developer had a smile on his face and more money in his pocket


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