Creating Innovative Balustrade Designs Using Stainless Steel

Stainless steel materials, such as Jakob Webnet mesh and wire rope cabling, allow for innovative balustrade designs that combine both practical and aesthetic qualities.

Webnet mesh and wire rope cables can accommodate balustrades that stretch over multiple levels. Balustrades using these materials can be made completely non-climbable and can function as fall protection and secure anti-throw screens.

Aesthetically, wire rope cables can be configured vertically or horizontally. Webnet mesh acts much like a piece of fabric – it can be draped and moulded into a variety of geometric shapes. This in turn allows for considerable customisation and versatility of design.

These materials have a light, thin profile. This enables the creation of balustrades that are near-transparent in appearance and allow for natural light infusion and airflow.

The other big advantages of using stainless steel in balustrades are longevity and low maintenance needs. Balustrades and barriers made from stainless steel cabling or Webnet mesh can last for up to 25 years with minimal intervention. Being non-corrosive and extremely robust, stainless-steel balustrades require little in the way of regular ongoing maintenance.

Here are three examples of the use of stainless steel in innovative balustrade designs.

1. Carlton House, Melbourne

Prior to its renovation, this building was a typical example of an inner-Melbourne terrace house –small in size and fairly dark inside.

The aim of the makeover was to expand the house and create a light-filled interior. The architects achieved this through remodelling, light colours, skylights and the addition of a second storey.

As such it was important that the balustrade design for the new staircase was in keeping with the overall minimal, spacious and light-filled theme. For this reason, Tensile used 100mm aperture Webnet mesh for the installation, coated in white to blend with the surrounding décor.

The balustrade looks modern and simply, in keeping with the overall design. It also prevents the blocking of natural light and airflow that might occur with heavier, denser materials.

Creating Innovative Balustrade Designs Using Stainless Steel / Tensile Design & Construct

2. Treppenhaus, Germany

This four-storey house required a simple and lightweight balustrade that could span over all levels while being simultaneously robust and safe.

The balustrade is made from one continuous piece of Webnet mesh that stretches over the four storeys, supported by stainless steel cables and larger tube sections.

We consider this balustrade to be one that clearly demonstrates the practical and aesthetic capabilities of Webnet mesh.

3. RFW Children’s Charity, Sydney

On completion of their new building, RFW identified a fall risk to children around the atrium and spiral staircase. This called for a robust fall-protection barrier – one that would address safety concerns while looking like it was always meant to be part of the initial design.

40mm Webnet mesh was chosen for its ability to conform to the twists and turns of the spiral staircase. The result is a first of its kind in Australia in terms of a corkscrew-shaped staircase barrier that not only looks unique but addresses the safety issue.

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Creating Innovative Balustrade Designs Using Stainless Steel / Tensile Design & Construct

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