Security and Protection Barriers Using Jakob Webnet

When it comes to designing protection barriers, safety is always the first priority. But there are often other needs that come into play as well.

For example, the barrier may need to be resistant to harsh conditions, low maintenance, able to allow for scenic views, provide room for the movement of people, blend in with surrounding architecture and just look good!

One of the best solutions to meet such a multitude of requirements is Jakob’s Webnet mesh. Webnet comes in a range of wire and aperture sizes and is made from anti-corrosive weather-resistant stainless steel, making it extremely durable and low-maintenance as well as great for safety.

It can also be moulded to any geometric shape and painted in a range of colours. It is light and almost invisible, which allows for views and airflow. It can be assembled offsite in many projects, making construction onsite exceptionally quick.

Uses of Webnet for protection barriers

Webnet can be used to create barriers, fences, horizontal or vertical safety nets, balustrades, enclosures and more.

It suits bridges, playgrounds, viewing platforms / lookouts, carparks, zoos, balconies, cycle paths and even helipads.

Here are some real-world examples of Webnet in action.

Australian Webnet projects

We have numerous examples of Webnet protection barriers on our project page. Here’s a selection:

  • Playgrounds – a classic example is the Ian Potter Wild Play Garden. Webnet wraps around the ‘eel skeleton’ climbing tower, providing safety for kids without spoiling their imaginative play and fun.
  • Bridges – one of our latest bridge projects was the Lachlan’s Line footbridge. This helical-shaped steel bridge required a flexible solution for anti-throw screens that could be made offsite and quickly assembled onsite.
  • Carparks – the Superyacht Marina in Glebe needed a safety solution that would also help improve the look of the carpark. Webnet wraps the carpark while providing a support structure for climbing plants.

Overseas projects

Webnet is used widely in other countries as well, often in monumentally-sized projects!

First Cliff Walk Grindelwald, Switzerland

This 45m observatory walkway allows people of just about any age and ability to experience spectacular clifftop views in maximum safety. The Walk provides uninterrupted views of waterfalls, peaks and meadows.

The weatherproof walkway barrier was constructed from almost 400m of Webnet in some very challenging terrain, and yet took only five months to install.

Security and Protection Barriers Using Jakob Webnet / Tensile Design & Construct

Image source: Jakob

Lange Erlen playground in Basel, Switzerland

In this playground project, Webnet was combined with fibrous rope to create a bespoke safety net that allows kids to safely participate in robust play.

The barrier is more than just about safety though. It is a central element of the playground, and as such forms part of the play experience itself.

Bridges at Cornell University, New York

The bridges at this university provide some amazing views of the local gorges and lakes.

However, some years ago a spate of suicides led to the decision to install both Webnet horizontal barriers and under-bridge safety nets.

The netting is virtually invisible, allowing for the same great views while preventing falls from heights. Cameras and heat sensors have also been installed in case anyone gets caught in the nets.

Security and Protection Barriers Using Jakob Webnet / Tensile Design & Construct

Need to know more?

If you have a project in mind or you would like more information on the use of Webnet for security and protection barriers, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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