7 Applications for Tensile Stainless Steel Barriers

Jakob wire rope and Webnet mesh offer viable alternatives to the standard materials for commercial barriers, such as Chainlink, glass or perforated metal.

Made from marine-grade stainless steel, Jakob wire rope and Webnet mesh are highly robust and long-lasting, while also being flexible, low-maintenance and adaptable to a wide range of situations.

Here are seven examples of applications for Tensile barriers using these materials.

1. Atriums

Atriums in multi-storey retail, office and educational buildings are becoming a bit of an architectural trend in the 21st century. They can lend a feeling of spaciousness, light and airiness to a building, and create a visual connection between levels and spaces.

Glass is often a popular choice of material for atrium barriers due to its transparency. However, Webnet and wire rope offer some important advantages over glass.

This includes fast installation, lower costs and little in the way of ongoing maintenance. Climbability can also be addressed by installing full-height barriers which allow use of the space right to the edge of the void. An example is the one at the Melbourne Music Conservatorium where the vertical cables extend over all three levels.

2. Balustrades

Webnet might not be the first material that comes to mind for a balustrade. However, Webnet can offer several benefits for balustrades, such as a light and translucent appearance which belies the strength of the material.

Webnet is also adaptable to a wide range of designs. This balustrade at the RFW Children’s Charity provides a classic example of the malleability of Webnet, which in this case conforms to the twists and turns of the spiral staircase.

7 Applications for Tensile Stainless Steel Barriers / Tensile Design & Construct

3. Footbridges

Anti-throw screens and fall-protection barriers on footbridges have to meet some very strict safety codes set by road and transport authorities. Webnet is well able to make the grade in this regard.

Some bridges also have with sculptural or irregular geometric forms which means they require a highly adaptable barrier material – such as in the case of the helically-shaped Lachlan’s Line footbridge in Sydney.

4. Educational buildings

Many schools and university buildings are now extending up rather than outwards in the “vertical school” model.

Fall protection systems in these situations need to prevent not only falls, but also climbing and throwing or dropping of objects into the spaces below.

Tensile barriers not only offer risk protection in these situations, but also allow for maximising the use of upper-storey spaces through full-height barriers. Examples include Inner Sydney High School and the Monash University LTB.

5. Security screens

Webnet can be ideal for security screens, for sectioning off areas or for preventing unauthorised entry.

The screens recently installed at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo for example are transparent enough to allow for clear viewing of the animals, while having the height and robustness you would expect for a lion’s den!

In terms of appearance the screens also look great and blend in well with the natural surrounding environment.

6. Car park barriers

We’ve installed Webnet fall protection barriers on several multi-storey carparks over the years. Webnet can meet the required safety codes while allowing carpark owners to avoid expensive structural modifications. The barriers also allow for natural light and airflow and are very quick to install.

Carpark barriers can also be made to look good, such as by providing structural support for planter boxes or decorative elements.

7 Applications for Tensile Stainless Steel Barriers / Tensile Design & Construct

7. Kids’ playgrounds

Another use of Webnet for barriers is play equipment in kids’ playgrounds, which often comes with unusual or quirky shapes. The flexibility of Webnet means it can be used to wrap around play structures without obstructing light or views.

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