green facade on heritage buildings

Design Considerations for Green Facades on Heritage Buildings

Designing a green facade for a heritage building can be a much more complex job than usual. For a start, an older building’s set of drawings may be inaccurate
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fall protection

Fall Protection using Webnet Mesh – Bridge Safety

When people think of protective barriers and netting for elevated walkways and bridges they often have a, for lack of better words, ugly looking image in their head. With
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webnet enclosures for animals

Webnet Enclosures for Animals

When working with animal enclosures, it is important to use a material that is both strong and durable. This helps keep maintenance costs down while preventing any damage to
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webnet in schools

The use of Webnet in Schools

A lot of the projects we have worked on have been new building developments, shopping centres, residential apartments, car parks and community spaces.  Recently we are seeing a shift
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green infrastructure in Australia

The Future of Green Infrastructure in Australia

Who is Junglefy? Junglefy grows, designs, installs and maintains all types of living infrastructure systems including green walls, green roofs, green facades and podiums, enhancing the built environment by
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greening for commercial projects

Greening for Commercial Projects – Fytogreen Case Study

Fytogreen originally set up shop back in 2002, manufacturing specially designed roof garden soil. The soil was light weight in order to reduce the impact placed on a building’s
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Working with Tensile Architectural Projects – Scentre Group Case Study

To understand Scentre Group and its working with Tensile, it is necessary to look into the services Scentre Group offered before teaming up with Tensile. As the owner and
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green infrastructure

A Combined Green Infrastructure Approach

What is Green Infrastructure? As our cities continue to expand and become more densely populated, urban greening is becoming increasingly important. As climate change progresses, the design of our
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Steel wire ropes

Steel Wire Ropes that can be used for hoisting and lifting

Steel-wire ropes are among the components subjected to the heaviest loads in conveyor and lifting technologies. The load is distributed to a lot of individual wires, leading to immaculate
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Using Webnet Frames for Interior Applications

You may or may not have heard of the highly innovative Webnet frames, created by Jacob AG in Switzerland. The Webnet product is a stainless steel flexible net structure
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