The Incredible Wellness Benefits of Green Space

When you find yourself walking through a typical city environment, there is usually an abundance of concrete, bricks and mortar. The colours and materials are grey, dull, cold and
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tensile structure

That Vision Thing – Working With A Tensile Structure

Executing large scale, innovative, wire mesh projects within budget and on time isn’t for amateurs. Many people ask us how we do it, and we’re proud to say that
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contemporary garden structures

Using Metal For Aesthetics In Contemporary Garden Structures

Contemporary garden design can add so many beneficial elements to a public park, corporate building and even your own home. Adding a structural feature to a garden can make
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vertical parks

Vertical Parks: The Parks Of The Future

Urban park design has provided some incredible green transformations in the last few years. As landscape design merges more closely with building architecture, we’re seeing parks that push the
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Custom Configurations – The Advantages Of Using Webnet Mesh

Webnet Mesh is an incredibly versatile product, and has many advantages when used for architectural projects. The unique ability to adapt the mesh to any form makes it the
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customised mesh solutions

Creating happy trails with customised mesh solutions

When you’re wandering through one of the many beautiful and pristine parks our capital cities have to offer, it would be easy to miss the fact that several of
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When Tensile Meets Garden – Webnet Solutions

Who would have thought that steel and greenery were so compatible? If you’ve never seen our incredible Webnet solutions in action, you’re in for a treat. The clean lines,
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green wall

What message does your green wall send?

A living green wall is one of the best ways to enhance the visual aesthetics of a building and improve the sustainability of your local environment at the same
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exterior facade

Smart skin or green skin? A different kind of exterior facade

Creating a unique, distinctive exterior facade on a building is significantly more complex than most people might imagine. The first ever ‘smart’ exterior facades centuries ago were as simple
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What is a hyperboloid green facade?

A “hyperboloid” is a solid or surface having plane sections that are hyperbolas, ellipses, or circles.In geometry, a hyperboloid of revolution, sometimes called circular hyperboloid, is a surface that may be generated by rotating
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