green wall

What message does your green wall send?

A living green wall is one of the best ways to enhance the visual aesthetics of a building and improve the sustainability of your local environment at the same
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exterior facade

Smart skin or green skin? A different kind of exterior facade

Creating a unique, distinctive exterior facade on a building is significantly more complex than most people might imagine. The first ever ‘smart’ exterior facades centuries ago were as simple
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What is a hyperboloid green facade?

A “hyperboloid” is a solid or surface having plane sections that are hyperbolas, ellipses, or circles.In geometry, a hyperboloid of revolution, sometimes called circular hyperboloid, is a surface that may be generated by rotating
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Vertical Garden System for One Central Park

The vertical gardens for One Central Park’s high-rise towers were the result of months of meticulous research, testing, planning and design. They provide a tangible visual reminder to the
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Planting Vertical Gardens for Green Facades

Planting up a building wall can result in a charismatic feature, as the vertical gardens for One Central Park in Sydney demonstrate. However, installing a vertical garden calls for
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Mesh Works for Acute House

  A Victorian weatherboard cottage, although charmingly decrepit, was considered a beloved landmark for residents in Albert Park, an inner suburb of Melbourne; however, this cottage presented a host
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Elizabeth Quay Bridge Balustrades

Elizabeth Quay Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge is an integral part of Perth’s master plan to connect the city back to its waterfront and revitalise the city’s central business district.
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Innovative Solutions with Green Wall Systems – ADVANXeast Apartment Development

A project Tensile Design and Construct were involved in – building a green facade eight metres high by 90 metres long covering three levels of the podium car park
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Green Architecture — Good Reasons for Greening a Building

Make life beautiful on the outside and inside. Why You Should Green Your Building By greening a building, you can: Stand out among a sea of concrete. Enhance overall
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Ways to Jazz Up Your Building Facade Design Without Breaking the Bank

Human skin is an amazing organ. It is the largest organ of the body and your skin also projects your individual identity and persona to the world. The facade of
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